About Us

    ACME Biotechnologies CO.,LTD (ACME) is located in Qingdao CN, which is a beautiful coastal city. ACME is devoting themselves into the R&D, consultation and complete set of technology transfer of biology fermentation products, which are made from corn, tapioca, wheat and so on. Our main products cover citric acid and citrates, xanthan gum, lactic acid, lysine, threonine, sodium gluconate (gluconolactone ) , itaconic acid and so on. In the meanwhile, We provide consultation and technology transfer for the upstream and downstream products of fermentation industry, such as starch, glucose, alcohol, sulfuric acid and environmental protection engineering.Undertake fermentation plant production trusteeship operation.
    ACME is able to supply the One-Stop services, including project consultation and feasibility analysis, project system design, process planning, equipments selection and installation, personnel training, test run and start-up, quality test, as well as helping the customer to establish the production management system, quality management system and cost management system.
    As a professional biology fermentation company, ACME teammates are experienced in design, installation and production management in many biology fermentation factories in both domestic and abroad. We are quite familiar with the process parameters and equipment performance. We are also able to supply targeted services, including Strain, Strain culture, fermentation process, extraction process, refining process, deep processing technology and so on.
    ACME is highly responsible for the customers, pay much attention to the production and try to reach a good balance among output, cost and quality. We are doing our best to guarantee the production success and reach full capacity in a short time.